Marcus Wynwood

Marcus Wynwood is an Australian guitarist who performs in his band Captives, and occasionally as a solo artist. He's been playing guitar for most of his life, so guitars are pretty much all he ever talks about.

Marcus is a proud D'Addario Endorsed Artist, and has been featured in "Australian Guitar Magazine" as a guitarist to watch.

Captives have featured in "Rolling Stone Magazine", have had film clips played on rage, been played on Triple J, and have toured the country a number of times.

As a solo artist, Marcus has had a Number 1 on the Unearthed charts, and has performed in pubs, clubs and restaurants for well over a decade.


Marcus plays in the band 'Captives'

"The visceral thrill of being throttled by razor-sharp guitars, slapped around the head by thundering drums and screamed at by a man gargling glass." - Rolling Stone Magazine

"Like a champion greyhound exploding from the gate with the fluffy bunny already torn to shreds in its jaws. It's a sound that kicks you in the back of the skull with every drum beat, slices at your eardrums with every guitar lick, and tears at the back of your throat with every shriek - and is so distinctive that they had to give it a name themselves: 'Tasmanian Forest Horror'." - Chanel V

"A groove-train ride of riff that somehow manages to pause long enough to incorporate a horn section within the two minute wrecking ball." - Tonedeaf

Solo Work

When Marcus is not playing with his band "Captives",
you can sometimes catch him playing solo acoustic shows.

Marcus is a veteran of the Tasmanian music scene, having played in venues around the state for well over a decade.
He performs a range of songs you’ll know and love, and also some original material that’ll get stuck in your head.


If you would like to get in touch with Marcus,
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